Causes of Monstera Dripping Water: WHY???


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Causes of Monstera Dripping Water

Witnessing a Monstera dripping water is a mesmerizing sight for plant enthusiasts. Monstera dripping water, this fascinating phenomenon occurs when these lush houseplants release excess moisture through specialized leaf structures. This article delves into the intriguing world of Monstera dripping water, exploring its causes and shedding light on maintaining a healthy balance for your beloved Monstera.

Guttation: Understanding the Natural Mechanism

Guttation is the primary physiological process responsible for monstera plants dripping water. During guttation, excess water absorbed by the plant’s roots is transported through the xylem vessels and expelled through specialized leaf structures called hydathodes. Hydathodes are tiny openings located primarily along the leaf margins. They serve as channels for the release of excess moisture from the plant.

Overwatering and Soil Moisture

One common cause of Monstera dripping water is overwatering. When a monstera plant is consistently overwatered, or the soil remains excessively moist for extended periods, it may absorb more water than it can transpire. As a result, the excess water is expelled through guttation to maintain equilibrium within the plant.

To prevent overwatering, it is crucial to establish a proper watering routine. Allow the top inch of the soil to dry out before watering your monstera again. Ensure that your pot has drainage holes, which allow excess water to escape, preventing soggy roots and subsequent guttation.

Causes of Monstera Dripping Water

Humidity and Ambient Moisture Levels

Monstera plants originate from tropical regions with high humidity levels. Therefore, they thrive in environments with relatively humid air. When the surrounding air is saturated with moisture, such as during periods of high humidity or in well-humidified indoor spaces, the excess water absorbed by the plant may be expelled through guttation.

To create an ideal environment for your monstera, increase humidity levels by misting the leaves regularly, using a humidifier, or placing the plant near a water tray. Grouping plants can also create a microclimate of increased humidity.

Causes of Monstera Dripping Water WHY

Water Uptake and Transpiration

Monstera plants have efficient root systems capable of absorbing significant amounts of water. The plant’s roots may sometimes uptake more water than necessary for growth and transpiration. When this happens, guttation serves as a mechanism to remove the excess water, maintaining optimal internal moisture balance.

Maintaining a proper watering schedule, providing adequate light and airflow, and ensuring optimal soil conditions contribute to the plant’s overall health and minimize excessive water uptake.


Monstera dripping water is a fascinating phenomenon that adds to the allure of these tropical houseplants. Understanding the causes behind this occurrence can help you provide the ideal care and conditions for your monstera. Avoid overwatering, maintain appropriate soil moisture levels, and provide a humid environment to minimize guttation. Your monstera will thrive by striking the right balance, delighting you with its lush foliage and the occasional display of dripping water. Read article about Is a Cactus a Vegetable? and Philodendron Goeldii in Avi Hoffman Garden.